Signs That You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair Services

If you live in an area that is about to get hit with a storm, or just did, you might want to make sure that you know what the signs are that indicate you need to call for professional storm damage roof repair services. This is something important to know because you will want to inspect your entire roof system, from the shingles to the gutters. Here are some of the signs you need roof repair help after a large storm:

The Gutters Are Blocked And Full

You will want to inspect the condition of your gutters. There is a chance that a nearby tree had a lot of its branches blown away and they landed in your gutters. The weight of all of the natural debris and water that ends up sitting in there can cause the gutters to start pulling away from the roof. This can result in bent or broken gutters and downspouts, as well as damaged shingles due to the force of the gutter being essentially ripped off the roof's edge.

Pooling Water

It might not seem like a big deal at first, but you should never see water pooling on your roof. All water should run away from the peak of the roof and into the gutter system. If there is pooling water, there is a problem with the roof in that area. A large tree branch could have fallen on the roof, causing damage to the wood boards in that area. The tree would either still be on the roof or could have rolled off.

As you can tell, there are some clear signs to look for when trying to determine if the recent big storm caused any damage to your roof. If you are not able to climb up to the roof, you can always have someone else do it for you. You could ask someone else in the family, a friend, or maybe even a neighbor to climb up to the roof. They can take pictures of the roof for you and let you know if any of the previously mentioned signs of roof damage is present. You can even just call a roofing company. They can then not only inspect your roof but also let you know how much it would cost to make the repairs. This is information you can submit to your homeowners insurance if you are thinking about submitting a claim.

Reach out to a service that offers storm damage roof repair to learn more.