5 Signs That There May Be Mold Growing In Your Home

No one wants mold in their home, but unfortunately it is a problem that many homeowners face. Mold can be toxic, so it is important to know if you could possibly have mold in your home so you can contact a mold remediation service for assistance. Some situations that can lead to mold or indicate that mold is present include: Allergies Many people are highly allergic to mold spores. Even if mold is not visible, a person can still experience allergies and allergic symptoms.

Is Your Home Flooded? 4 Steps To Help You Cleanup The Damage

Residential floods can cause serious damage – whether they’re caused by a burst pipe or a torrential rainstorm. If your home has been flooded, you need to act fast to take care of the mess. However, before you rush in to start cleaning things up, there are some steps you should take to make the process go smoother – and safer. Here are four steps that will help you recover from flood damage.